Haiti does not stop. Despite the many obstacles, the school year has begun. In some areas, classes are underway, although in Port-au-Prince the situation is slower.

The Foi et Joie network wants to make a difference, supporting 16 schools and colleges.

The same institution has started a program of courses in Port-au-Prince and Ouanaminthe to help people get jobs through training workshops in different areas of knowledge.

The latter is an important step for many people looking for opportunities to grow and find a source of work and thus make a better future.

On the other hand, the Saint Ignace School of Croix de Busquet (Port-au-Prince) has announced that it will also start its school year, with a lot of effort, since it is one of the places where the epicenter of violence is. But for families and students, it is the only chance to be able to access education.

The community of Jesuits, Collaborators, Parents and of course the students, put all their hope in the DOORS THAT HAVE JUST OPENED.