Social Promotion at the Service of the Faith

An important apostolic work of the Society in Haiti is the Jesuit Migrant Service/Solidarite Fwontalye-Haiti.


Given the current environmental emergency that affects especially the countryside, Haiti is subject to a large migratory flow of people seeking better living conditions in other countries. Recently, these migrants have suffered unjust forced repatriation, increasing the large number of Haitians in conditions of great precariousness and in large urban pockets of poverty, and more recently verging on a food crisis.

The Jesuit Migrant Service is concerned with welcoming and accompanying returnees in their new condition on the one hand. On the other hand, MGS contributes towards finding solutions to the migratory crisis by intervening with social innovation that seeks to prevent this migratory phenomenon. In addition, they work at promoting the systematization of information contributing to better facing the decisions made by the state and civil organizations.

The Society has also responded to natural disasters such as the 2010 earthquake, “Hurricane Matthew” and recently the earthquake in the south of the island. In these three events, the Jesuits, with the assistance of international aid, have played a leading role supporting those affected. In response to “Hurricane Matthew” 12 housing solutions have been contributed, as well as another 120, under development during the year 2022 responding to needs of those affected by the most recent earthquake.