Amid the current border tensions between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, crossing the border between two countries, Fr. Douglas Marcouiller, Assistant General for the North American Region, made a virtual visit to the Territory of Haiti from Holy Sunday. 

The main objective of Father Douglas’ visit is to support the selection process of the new Provincial of Canada, the Province to which the Territory of Haiti belongs.

 Despite the logistical difficulties caused by the border closure, he was able to meet personally with the “philosophers” studying in Santo Domingo and virtually with the directors of the Jesuit works in Haiti. 

The presence of Father Douglas takes on a particular meaning in this delicate context, because it symbolizes the unity and solidarity of the Society of Jesus throughout the world. He was accompanied on this mission by Father Jean Denis, Superior of the Territory of Haiti. 

This visit, although affected by external circumstances, strengthens the links between the Territory and the International Society of Jesus and allows us to share our concerns and hopes in a broader forum.