On December 21 and 22 of last year, Jesuits and some collaborators from Port-au-Prince and Ouanaminthe met as they do every end of the year. This time the Meeting served to conclude a process begun in July, which aimed to review, update progress and put into perspective for the next 2 years, the “Great Orientations” of the Mission of the Society in Haiti.

During the months following the July Exercises, the Communities read the document of the “status of the Society” delivered by Fr. General and a working document known as “I thought ‘avenir”.

The Meeting resulted in a Roadmap, which will guide the minimum processes that we hope will be completed by 2026, the date on which it is expected to carry out an Apostolic Planning in harmony with the Universal Society.

The process and the Encuentro are a hope for an organized year 2024 full of possibilities, despite the uncertainties that the country is currently facing.